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Start Year: 2022
Status: In-Progress
Partner(s): NJIT, Rutgers CAIT

Empowering Local Programs to Enhance Transportation Access through Autonomous Mobility

Principal Investigator: Andrea Lubin

Since the late 2000s, the transportation cycle has been disrupted with the advent of new and transformative technologies including ride-hailing services (e.g. Uber, Lyft) and shared vehicles. An even more disruptive phase is anticipated for the transport cycle as autonomous vehicle (AV) innovations continue to gain worldwide momentum. Accompanying these AV innovations is the potential for expanded mobility. It is therefore critical to consider how this technology can and should be harnessed by NJ’s 21 county community transportation providers so that the counties can continue to be leaders in contributing to mobility access for persons with disabilities and older adults. This project is focused on familiarizing and building understanding among NJ county community transit providers for AV technology and documenting their concerns and suggestions related to implementing AV into revenue service. This effort will also seek to engage consumers with disabilities and older adults to gage their understanding, interests, and concerns related to AV as a means to increase their access to employment, medical services, education and recreational opportunities, among other trip needs.