Bicycle justice and urban transformation book review
Publication Year: 2018

Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation: Biking for All?


Deka, D., (2017). Bicycle justice and urban transformation: biking for all?.” Transport Reviews, 38(2), pp. 270–271. DOI


This is a review of the book “Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation: Biking for All?,” edited by Golub, et al. (2016), Routledge, New York (ISBN 978-1-138-95024-5). The review commends the editors and chapter authors for emphasizing the importance of equity in bicycle planning and discusses the difficulties in implementing equity in transportation planning generally.

Bicycling has historically accounted for a substantially smaller proportion of trips than cars, public transportation, and walking in most places of the United States. Yet it has gained tremendous attention in recent times from planners and academics of this country. The growing attention to bicycling has been accompanied by a surge in bicycling among all socioeconomic groups. The book describes this surge in attention to bicycling as a bicycle movement and attempts to encapsulate this movement within a broader transportation justice framework, which is concerned about equitably sharing the benefits and burdens of transportation investments.


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