TCRP – About the Research

typhoonsAbout the Research

The research backing up this guide includes an extensive literature review and practice scan as well as 17 detailed agency case studies that showcase leading practices in resilience adoption across a wide spectrum of transit agency organizational structures, sizes and hazard profiles and regions. A workshop was convened midway through the project at the TRB Asset Management conference to test the basic concepts and framework of the Guide. Case studies and tools from outside the transit world were developed or adapted, to provide more context. The TRB panel provided insights and direction, and the study team continued integrating new information throughout the project while also distilling and winnowing existing information into concise form. Our product is a three volume report consisting of: Volume 1: A Guide, Volume 2: Research Overview, and Volume 3: Literature Review and Case Studies, as well as an online database backed up by a wealth of readily available resources.

Research Team

The study team is composed of: Louis Berger; Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University; American Planning Association; Eric Peterson; Marie Venner; the TOD Group; Transportation Solutions, Inc.; and Unified Industries, Inc.