NTI Director Billy Terry Featured on Mpact Podcast

Mar 7, 2024 | News

Billy Terry, Executive Director of the National Transit Institute at Rutgers University and India Birdsong Terry, CEO and General Manager of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) were invited guests on the Mpact Podcast, where they discussed culture change in Ohio’s biggest transit agency – from leadership to hiring to finding the voice that resonates with your audience.

Mpact is committed to making a measurable difference towards building livable cities and regions with transit. They focus on sensible, real-world-tested, effective approaches to development that improve the way people live, work and travel.

Billy Terry serves as the Executive Director of the National Transit Institute. NTI is the federally designated training and education program for the U.S. public transit industry. He assumed the role of Director in December 2018 after serving as Associate Director.

India Birdsong Terry came to RideRTA (as the agency is known) just before COVID. It was, she says, “grind time,” a chance to look with staff at what they could improve to emerge from the pandemic stronger. Among the priorities: transit-oriented development, housing, workforce development, mobility to jobs, diversity and safety. This is in the context of greater Cleveland, a wealthy city in terms of history but also one with economic disparities.

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