NJ Safe Routes Strategic Plan 2005-2009

Jan 6, 2015 | Active Transportation, Reports

The purpose of the Safe Routes To School (SRTS) strategic plan is to establish an operational framework to guide the NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) in the administration of the SRTS program.  NJDOT has developed a broad vision including: create a greater awareness of SRTS throughout the state; entice schools, school districts and municipalities to take action by offering an array of services and programs; and increase the number of children walking and bicycling to school by producing physical and programmatic changes that make it feasible and attractive to walk and bike to school over five fiscal years from 2005-2009.  Having developed consensus on the vision, NJDOT developed a plan that meets federal requirements and is congruent with the objectives.

Read the full report: NJ SRTS  Strategic Plan 2005-2009