Bus passengers
Start Year: 2019
Status: In-Progress
Partner(s): NJ TRANSIT

Local Bus Markets Survey – Phase 3

NJ TRANSIT conducts origin-destination surveys of bus and rail riders at regular intervals. Such surveys help to generate data the agency uses for Title-VI compliance, modeling/forecasting, and service planning. Although NJ TRANSIT has recently conducted surveys for many of its nearly 250 bus routes, such surveys have not been conducted for buses in the Newark market since 2007. This research project seeks to update survey data for 38 NJ TRANSIT bus routes in the Newark market. The updated data will provide NJ TRANSIT and transportation researchers with current information on the travel patterns and demographic/socioeconomic characteristics of the customers of these routes. This information will further be used to estimate the effect of local buses in improving air quality and to comprehend the nexus between buses and transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft. This project builds on pervious phases of survey work which collected data from riders using 75 NJ TRANSIT bus routes in other parts of New Jersey.
Additional Topics
bus service planning | bus survey