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Start Year: 2022
Status: In-Progress
Partner(s): NJ TRANSIT, New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)

Newark Light Rail Origin-Destination and Intermodal Choice Study

Principle Investigator: Robert Noland

This research will seek to understand the feasibility of encouraging more inter-modal trip connections for the Newark Light Rail Line (NRL). Specifically, we will seek to understand whether automobile drivers exiting from I-280 (at exit 13) can transfer to the NRL at the Orange Street NRL station (or other locations). This will be accomplished by surveying both NRL customers and automobile drivers exiting the freeway at exit 13. Data will be collected to understand the travel patterns, socio-economic characteristics, and origins and destinations of NRL customers and drivers. Emphasis will be placed on how NRL customers access their station. Sufficient data will also be collected for USDOT Title VI compliance monitoring. This study will inform NJ TRANSIT and NJ DOT on the feasibility of encouraging inter-modal connections between drivers and the NRL. This may reduce traffic congestion in downtown Newark, reduce environmental impacts, and increase fare revenue on the NRL.

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