Mode choice analysis of schools trips in NJ
Publication Year: 2014

A Mode Choice Analysis of School Trips in New Jersey


Park, H., Noland, R., Von Hagen, L.A. & Chatman, D. “A Mode Choice Analysis of School Trips in New Jersey.” Journal of Transport and Land Use, Vol.7 No. 2, 2014.


This paper examines the mode choice behavior of children’s travel to school based on surveys conducted at a sample of schools in New Jersey. The main focus is on a variety of network design, land use, and infrastructure variables that have typically been associated with walking activity. Using a mixed logit model, it is found that good connectivity, more intense residential land use, and better sidewalk infrastructure are associated with increased walking to school. The use of a mixed logit model allows the examination of individual heterogeneity. Results indicate substantial heterogeneity in behavior associated with built environment variables.