Safe Mobility at Any Age

Sep 28, 2004 | Events

Safe Mobility at Any Age

Over the past several decades, safe mobility has emerged as an important public policy topic. A key area of concern is safe mobility as it relates to older drivers. This area has far reaching policy implications related to public health, public safety, community development and personal autonomy.

The Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center, in partnership with the New Jersey Foundation for Aging, since December 2003 has convened and facilitated a series of five policy forums on safe mobility issues in New Jersey. The policy forums have explored issues related to driver retesting and alternative modes of transportation for those who cannot or choose not to drive. VTC and the Foundation for Aging anticipate that the forum series will lay the foundation for and culminate in recommendations for future policy and legislative initiatives.

At the sixth and final forum, held December 16, 2004, at the Rutgers University Labor Education Center, the findings and presentations of the earlier forums were discussed and synthesized in a series of work groups. The summary procedings and presentations from the forum series can be linked below:

Safe mobility issues in New Jersey, New Jersey’s mature driver and the Maryland Safe Mobility Research Consortium
December 10, 2003 Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, New Brunswick
Summary Proceedings

FORUM 1 Presentations:
The New Jersey Context: Jon Carnegie, Voorhees Transportation Center
The Mature Driver in New Jersey: Naomi Rotter, NJIT and Claire McKnight, CUNY
The Maryland Experience: Robert Raleigh, MD, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and Loren Staplin, TransAnalytics

Functional Assessment and Health Screening
February 18, 2004 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Plainsboro
Summary Proceedings

FORUM 2 Presentations:
Forum Overview: Grace Egan, NJ Foundation for Aging
AOTA Older Driver Initiative: Maureen Peterson, Florida chapter, American Occupational Therapy Association
Identifiers of High-Risk Drivers: An Occupational Therapy Perspective, Wendy Stav, University of Florida

The Future of Vehicle and Roadway Safety and Design
April 29, 2004 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Plainsboro
Summary Proceedings

FORUM 3 Presentations:
Forum Overview: Jon Carnegie, Voorhees Transportation Center
A National Perspective: Essie Wagner, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Making Vehicles Safer for Older Drivers: Michael Perel, NHTSA
FHWA Older Road User Program and Roadway Design Guidelines: Karen Yunk, Federal Highway Administration
New Jersey Safety Initiatives: Patricia Ott, NJDOT
Lifelong Safe Mobility: Pam Fischer: AAA New Jersey Automobile Club
NJ State Police Enforcement: Lt. Paul Krupa, NJ State Police

Community Transportation Alternatives
June 30, 2004 Sheraton at Woodbridge Place, Iselin
Summary Proceedings

FORUM 4 Presentations:
Forum Overview: Jon Carnegie, Voorhees Transportation Center
Aging & Mobility: Stranded Without a Choice: Linda Bailey, Surface Transportation Policy Project
National Directions in Community Transportation Alternatives: Jane Hardin, Community Transportation Association of America
Flexible Bus Routes: Steve Fittante, ATC
NJ TRANSIT Local Community Transportation Programs: Bob Koska, NJ TRANSIT

Forum 5:
Volunteers: We Couldn’t Do it Without Them
September 28, 2004 Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center, New Brunswick
Summary Proceedings

FORUM 5 Presentations:
Volunteer Friends: Innovations, Challenges, Adaptations: Helen Kerschner, The Beverly Foundation
Surviving Without Driving: Katherine Freund, ITNAmerica
Wheels of Wellness: Timothy Puglia, Wheels
Hunterdon County Volunteer Driving Program: Tara Braddish, HART

 Supported by:

Automobile Association of America – NJ Automobile Club
New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
Stephenson-Klotzburger Foundation
Thomas and Theresa Berry Foundation
Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement