Start Year: 2022
Status: In-Progress
Partner(s): Foursquare ITP

TCRP F-29: Mental Health, Wellness, and Resilience for Transit System Workers

Principal Investigators: Jon Carnegie, Sandy Brennan

United States transit workers, especially those who work in the field and interact with passengers on a daily basis, are subject to stressors because of a work environment that can often be hostile. However, little has been written by academics about the psychological well-being of transit workers. This study is focused on examining the perpetual debilitating stressors for transit workers, identifying the psychological effects of COVID-19, demonstrating the effects to transit management, and engaging both frontline workers and management via interviews, focus groups, and survey work to develop practical and sustainable measures that will have a long-lasting, beneficial effect. This multi-disciplinary research team includes transit researchers, an expert professional psychologist, as well as a healthcare management specialist. The team is focused on developing recommendations to improve the psychological and overall well-being of transit workers, and identify roles for transit management and supervisory staff. Additional recommendations will be presented to improve transit agencies’ preparation to combat future outbreaks of diseases similar to COVID-19 and protect the workforce in such instances. The Guidebook developed through this research will enable transit agencies to undertake a self-assessment of their programs and practices related to workers’ mental health, learn about best practices within and beyond transit, and develop innovative programs and practices to promote the mental health of transit workers in the peri-COVID era and beyond.

Additional Topics
COVID-19 | mental health | transit | workforce