Rutgers POET and NJTPA win John and Jane Q Public Award at TRB

Jan 26, 2017 | Engagement, News, Planning

Transportation professionals often find it challenging to communicate critical transportation concepts to a non-technical audience. While some have found tools, graphics, or just the right words to convey their message, research tells us that transportation professionals still face a largely uninformed public.

In 2007, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Planning and Environment Group launched a new competition looking for fresh and creative methods for communicating technical transportation issues with “John and Jane Q. Public” to share with others within the profession.  In 2017, Rutgers Public Outreach and Engagement Team (POET) won as a Runner Up for Innovative Public Outreach for the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority – NJTPA’s Plan 2045.

Congratulations to NJTPA and Miriam Salerno and Trish Sanchez from Rutgers POET!